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well maybe we got lost in translation maybe i asked for too much

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That moment on Christmas morning where you just want to run into the living room and rip open all the presents, then you realize that you’re 18, you probably have only a couple presents under that damn thing, and you have to wait for the 3 year old that doesn’t know what Christmas is yet to wake up. >.<

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Sometimes I wonder why we even wait until December 25th to open presents. Then I manage to talk everyone into opening them early. When Christmas rolls around I suddenly realize. It’s more than just a day, because when you wake up on Christmas morning to open presents. You feel like shit.

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I’m drowning in tears,
As I reach through my fears.
I fall into darkness,
With your words as my only light.

I’m sinking deeper,
With every breath.
Until there are none left,
I finally reach you, but only in death.

My heart burns with every fading beat,
And my eyes sting with tears.
You said we’d have forever,
But forever never lasts.


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Wrecking Ball

This isn’t me condoning the Wrecking Ball video at all. I’m still kind of iffy on it, love the song, but the content is still questionable. Despite that, I came to the realization that I don’t think Miley was naked for the sake of being naked. If you listen to the lyrics, really listen to them and hear the heartache in her voice, and see the pain on her face I think it’s more of a representation of the words. She tried so hard, and she failed so now she’s sharing that with us so she’s emotionally naked through the lyrics. I’m not saying she couldn’t have done it differently, maybe less suggestively, but it actually makes sense.

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